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At Novvia Services, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your unique business needs and devise a comprehensive strategy to help you achieve your goals.  

How can we serve you?

Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced developers and technical and business experts are available to provide guidance, answer questions, and troubleshoot issues, ensuring that your app development journey is smooth.

Monetization Strategies

Our experts can assist you in devising effective monetization strategies, whether through in-app advertising, subscriptions, or one-time purchases, to maximize your app's revenue potential.

Security and Compliance
Ensuring the security of your app and compliance with data protection regulations is essential. We offer guidance on best practices .

Robust Development Frameworks supporting Android and iOS

Scaling and Performance Optimization

As your app grows, we can assist with scaling infrastructure and optimizing performance to handle increased user demand.

Testing and Quality Assurance
We offer testing and quality assurance services to help you identify and fix bugs, optimize performance, and ensure that your app meets the highest quality standards.


We Offer Comprehensive Technology Services

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  • Technology Roadmaps

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Monetization Strategies


  • Mobile Apps

  • Web wrappers and Webapps

  • Technology Conversions/Upgrades

  • File Transfers/Cloud Storage

  • ERP Integrations

  • Bluetooth Integration


  • App Store Launch

  • Product Maintenance

  • Analytics

  • CTO Service

Our Portfolio and Customer Solutions

Signal Spy

Launched in 2016, Signal Spy serves customers who wish to learn more information regarding their Mobile and Wi-Fi connections. This app is a favorite among Google Fi customers with over 250,000 downloads in the Google Play store.

Art Walks

Columbus Art Walks are a unique way to get active while seeing great public art, architectural and historical sites around Columbus. These plotted paths can provide entertainment for art buffs and educational lessons for students.

MTS Xpress

MTS Xpress provides a path to  vendor managed inventory for Myers Tires customers.  Users scan and click to send orders to Myers for 24 hour delivery.

Succulent Tracker


A feature-loaded app that helps users track location, watering, fertilizing, pruning, repotting,  and plant progress over time.   It  includes plant typing information  and  care history.


Robust Development Frameworks

At Novvia Services, we offer powerful development frameworks and libraries that simplify app development, reduce coding effort.    We build intuitive, dynamic apps that work across multiple platforms, including android (i.e. the Google Play Store) and iOS (i.e. the Apple App Store) and web



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