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Discover ArtWalks: Your Interactive Guide to Public Art

Get ready to experience public art like never before with Artwalks, a mobile application that brings the vibrant art scene of Columbus, OH to the palm of your hand.

Art on Sidewalk_edited.jpg

Our Journey with Artwalks:

In response to the pandemic, we embarked on a mission alongside the 'Can't Stop Columbus' initiative and the Greater Columbus Arts Council to bridge the gap between the community and the rich tapestry of public art in Columbus. The result was Artwalks, an intuitive app that guides residents and visitors to a curated experience of the city's extensive indoor and outdoor art collections. Our collaboration not only enriched the local art scene but also set a precedent in leveraging technology for cultural engagement.

Exhibition Space

Your City’s Art Scene Reimagined:

Every city has a unique story to tell through its art. Our expertise lies in crafting tailored app solutions that bring these stories to the forefront. With a custom-built app, your city’s residents and visitors can explore and appreciate the local art scene in a new, interactive way. Just as Artwalks unlocked a new realm of cultural engagement in Columbus, we’re excited to collaborate and create a platform that resonates with your city’s artistic spirit.

Sculpture Circle

Features That Resonate:

Artwalks is more than just an app; it's an interactive gateway to the city’s vibrant art scene. Users can embark on self-guided tours, delve into the stories behind each artwork, and even discover art based on their current location. The app's user-friendly interface and rich visual content make exploring Columbus's art both engaging and accessible. From seasoned art aficionados to curious newcomers, Artwalks offers a unique experience for everyone.

Splatter Paint

Let's Collaborate:

Ready to transform the way your community interacts with local art? We’re here to turn your vision into a reality. Reach out to us for a consultation, and let’s embark on a journey to create an engaging, interactive platform that celebrates and promotes your city’s unique art culture.

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